Together for Christmas


After Britain declares war on Germany, the whole country is thrown into uproar, and Flora, Hilda and Will, who grew up together in St Boniface orphanage, discuss the impending war and the changes it will bring to their lives. Will wants to go off to fight, Hilda hopes to become a maid at the charitable institute, Hailing House, but Flora is content with her job as assistant to the Isle of Dogs’ kindly Doctor Tapper. Taking a vow, they pledge to always be there for each other, come what may.

It quickly becomes clear that the war will not be over by Christmas, and the first zeppelin raids bring casualties flooding into the surgery where Flora works. Tragedy strikes in the trenches, too, and Will returns home with physical and mental wounds too deep for Flora to be able to nurse back to health. And it is not long before Hilda finds herself out of her depth.

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Carol Rivers


Simon & Schuster





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