The Last Kashmiri Rose


It is India, 1922, and the wives of officers in the Bengal Greys have been dying violently, one each year and always in March. The only link between the bizarre but apparently accidental deaths is the bunches of small red roses that appear on the women’s graves. When a fifth wife is found with her wrists cut in a bath of blood, the Governor rejects the verdict of suicide and calls in Joe Sandilands, an ex-soldier and Scotland Yard Detective. It becomes clear to Joe that the deaths are, indeed, a series of murders, and they are have not yet run their course. Who will be the recipient of the next—and last—Kashmiri Roses? As he discovers the shocking truth, Joe must work fast to unmask a killer whose motives are rooted in the dark history of India itself.

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Barbara Cleverly


Constable and robinson





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