The Bone Thief


‘The woman on the autopsy table had been dead for only two days and had been in the cooler that whole time, but if I’d been guessing from the condition of her neck, I’d have guessed that her corpse had been ripening at the Body Farm for a week or more.’

Forensic anthropologist Bill Brockton is exhuming a body to obtain a bone sample. A simple enough job, until he discovers that the body’s limbs have all been removed.

Brockton soon finds himself working undercover for the FBI, infiltrating the brutal world of black market body parts.

Faced with the toughest case of his career, Brockton is also in grave danger. If one of his shady new associates should discover they’ve been double-crossed, they’re unusually well-placed to dispose of his body.

The Bone Thief is the new thrill-a-minute chiller from the real life creator of the Body Farm.

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Jefferson Bass


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