Strictly business


Kate Harris is high-earning executive who wants nothing more than to be liked. She never criticises, never delegates and feels guilty asking her secretary to type letters… But when her leaving present turns out to be a doormat, Kate decides enough is enough. No more Ms Nice Girl. From now on, she’s going to be mean, tough and ruthless. And where better to debut her act than in her new job? Only playing Cruella de Vil by day and Julie Andrews by night is giving Kate an identity crisis. And her staff are less than impressed to discover the new boss they’d heard was a pussy cat has teeth and claws. They’re determined to try every trick in the book to bring back the old Kate. All any hard-nosed career woman needs is a good man to melt her stony heart, right? Wrong, but that isn’t going to stop her staff from trying…

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Francesca Clementis







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