From the world-renowned, bestselling author of The Day of the Jackal and The Fox

‘A cunningly constructed action thriller . . . the story is terrifying and timely and grips you to the end’ Daily Telegraph

It is 1999 and Russia is on the edge of total implosion.

Social and moral order has collapsed. The only rule is imposed by mafia-like criminal gangs. And a visionary patriot whose voice rises above it all: Igor Komarov.

It is into this world that former CIA agent Jason Monk is plunged. Drawn out of retirement by the CIA’s desperate bid to halt Komarov’s meteoric rise, he must slip back into Russia undetected and carry out a covert mission that the world depends on. With Komarov set to win the next election, Monk discovers a secret document that is smuggled in to the British Embassy in Moscow. Named The Black Manifesto, it reveals Komarov’s horrifying and deadly secret agenda.

With many Western leaders persuaded that Komraov can lead his country into a new age, and the election looming, time is running out . . .

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Frederick Forsyth


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