CorelDRAW! 5.0


CorelDRAW! 5 is a powerful, versatile and extremely user-oriented graphic package for IBM compatible PCs. A large number of improvements and extensions to the previous versions, 3 and 4, are now provided. The user, in addition to the celebrated drawing and designing facilities, can now also apply sophisticated text formatting features to their work. The 3D features have been revised and greatly improvised, enabling spectacular spatial effects. the package also provides enhanced scanner support, and the number of special effects in general has been considerably increased. Animations, available in version 4.0 to a lesser degree, can be quickly and easily realised in the new package. This book deals with all the important elements of CorelDRAW! contains, moreover, many useful tips and examples which ensure that working with this package will be a pleasurable and productive activity.

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Matthew Monka


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