Banished From Bow


A gripping romantic saga full of secrets and intrigue from the author of Time Will Tell and Jamaica Street.

After being abandoned as a child in 19th-century London’s East End, a ragged and terrified Harriet was eventually found and taken into Mary Dean’s house in Bow. There it was decided she would be brought up as a sister to Mary and her younger brother Arthur.

But seventeen years later, Harriet and Arthur have fallen in love, and Harriet is pregnant. Driven out of Bow by neighbours who spit at them, the pair are forced to seek refuge in Stepney where, for a time, they are happy.

But it is not long before Harriet is forced to protect a dark secret once more. She has kept something she stole as a child: the diary of a criminal who committed terrible acts. Now the owner of the diary has returned to the East End in search of it, and will stop at nothing to get it back . . .

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Sally Worboyes







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