Angel babies: and other amazing true stories of guardian angels


Following in the hugely popular ‘Angel Saved My Life’ series comes a moving new collection of real-life stories from the Afterlife.

A new collection of inspiring real-life encounters with the ‘other side’, including how our guardian angels often take the form of children. From angel babies that have sent messages from the womb to children with special psychic abilities who have spoken to the dead and mysterious children who have saved lives, here are dramatic stories of amazing divine intervention.

the mysterious ten year old girl who saved the author’s baby and then disappeared
the angel babies that have appeared to parents before they were born
otherworldly encounters and angelic visitations to women while giving birth
messages to children from beyond the grave
true stories of teenage experiences of angels
plus other true stories of angels and healing, animal angels who save their owner’s lives, and stories of visitations and near death experiences

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Theresa Cheung


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